Ammon Bundy Sues the Liberals for Continued Harassment

The Idaho hero, Ammon Bundy is settling a harassment suit in court over the way Liberals have been portraying him, over the last four years.

The lawsuit came about when the ‘lamestream media’ said, that, “Ammon’s ‘nationalism’ is more like an out of control super fan who goes to cosplay conventions and complains too much,” what they call, being a whiny little bitch.”

I spoke to Ammon about the lawsuit and what his precedents were to take the evil democrats to book,

“I’m hurt, really hurt with their rhetoric, that I’m just a weirdo, who just quotes the bible to cause trouble! This is unfounded and I was nearly in tears over their mean words about me. I had to do something to put the record straight, even if my feelings were under attack, I’m really a nice guy!”

I asked him if this will be sorted out by Election Day and if the Bundy boys could get a siege or two in while the election was going on.

“We the people are prepared to do whatever it takes to draw the attention away from the election onto us! We owe it to ourselves and our President to draw away attention of the evenings election event.

I’m trying to move the focus of a Biden win into a bleeding heart exercise and that we will win in spirit but maybe not in election terms. I’ve spoken to my lawyer who told me , ‘If its in the constitution I can sue who ever I want!'”

The lawsuit came about when Donald Trump’s poll numbers were being manipulated by the liberal media and were fixed to make it look like President Trump’s campaign lame-duck numbers were being reported and Ammon’s love for the President being ridiculed by the Democrat Party.

Ammon, being a Patriot and a life long Jesus creeper, decided to make a distraction to the so-called liberals unfounded accusations that, Trump was failing in the polls. Mr. Bundy is an activist and a lifelong supporter of manipulating the media for his own personal gain and having the worst unregulated Militia in American History.

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