Al-Quaeda Endorses Biden, ‘The World Needs This Man’

The truth is right in front of you

Never before in the history of America has a terrorist organization endorsed a presidential candidate. That has changed, however, as Al-Quaeda has endorsed Democrat Joe Biden for President of the United States, sending America into an uproar.

I’hate Al-Gebra, formerly known as, Joe Barron, who is now a spokesman for Al-Quaeda, issued the following statement about the group’s decision to endorse Biden:

“Well, as you know, the Taliban endorsed Donald Trump. And since we are at war with the Taliban, we must endorse the candidate who is not endorsed by our mortal enemy.

Not only that, Biden will destroy America according to Republicans. That’s the same reason the Taliban endorsed Donald Trump. We hope the candidate that will destroy America the most will win.”

This is truly telling about Democrats and their values. If a terrorist organization endorses him, why would any good patriotic American support him?

Do they not remember 9/11? Clearly, they do not.

Democrats are obviously the party of terrorism and this endorsement all but confirms that. No one endorsed by Al-Quaeda or the Taliban should ever be President of the United States.

Republican Senator, Bo Jarron, slammed the Biden campaign after the endorsement:

“How in hell can anyone support this guy? Terrorists are endorsing him for crying out loud! Are Democrats that blind? Or are they complicit? Perhaps we need to open up another investigation.”

Terrorists would never endorse President Trump.

In reality, this is a fictional endorsement, but the Taliban endorsement of Trump is very real. If they had endorsed Obama, we’d never hear the end of it from Republicans. But when they endorse Trump, it’s somehow fake news.

As conservative Republicans, this all makes sense to us. No mental gymnastics are needed.

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