Aaron Rodgers: I Am A Patriot, And Trump Is My President.

The truth is right there in front of you.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who made waves for standing up to the left’s cancel culture threats, has made himself clear, once and for all. He has never been political before, but after the attempts from the far left to cancel him because of his vaccination status, he’s done playing games.  He’s come out as one of Donald J Trump’s most faithful allies.

Last month, Rodgers made news by standing up to the liberals who thought it was their business about his medical history. He went on the Joe Rogan show and told the world the he did the right thing and took ivermectin instead of being a sheep. They tried to fine him and cancel him, but he fought back. Aaron Rodgers isn’t taking anyone’s crap, on or off the football field, and now, he’s announcing that he’s firmly behind our President, Donald John Trump.

Aaron Rodgers knows what’s best. Whether it’s taking medical advice from a podcaster who hosted the fear factor tv show, who has absolutely zero medical training, all the way to still supporting Donald Trump, Aaron Rodgers is doing things his way. Which is a change because he’s usually too busy taking advice and orders from a host of coaches, trainers, team medics and his starting line. Now able to make bad choices on his own, he is throwing caution and common sense to the wind. What what you expect from a guy who’s more hated than Tom Brady?

And speaking of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers knows that he’ll never achieve the greatness that Brady did. So instead of trying harder, he’s gonna put on his MAGA hat and hope the stupid people notice and buy his merchandise and pretend to be Green Bay fans for a reason or two. Rodgers is taking his cues right from Trump and Rogan, grift right from the uneducated. It’s worked so far for the other two, it could work for him as well.

And never mind the “I ain’t watching football this year” crowd. They will anyway, even forgoing their beloved Dallas Cowboys (they love the one star rating). They’ll be drinking beer, coughing and wheezing on each other and loading up on horse paste, because everyone knows that Budweiser and horse paste go together like Donald and Ivanka. Yes it’s disgusting and thinking about it will make you puke but dammit, you’re an American patriot, and you’ll do it for America.

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