5 Cats Named ‘Trump’ to Brighten Your Day

100% Internet Verified. These Cats Are Real, Folks!

We’ve all been dealing with a lot lately. The constant rhetoric coming from the radical left is enough to drain even the staunchest conservative thinker of their vim and vigor.

With that in mind, here are 5 cats named after our President that will help recharge those WASP batteries.

1. DJT comes to us from Branson, Missouri.

He loves gerrymandering around the house on warm summer days. His biggest pet peeve, pardon the pun, is the existence of sanctuary cities.

2. Donald lives happily with his adopted family in Meridian, Idaho.

While being morbidly obese, Donald also suffers from brachymetaphalangy (abnormally short bones in the paws). This doesn’t stop him from being a frisky big guy, but he often overcompensates.

3. Trump roams the wilds of his owners’ doublewide in Davisville, Kentucky.

Typically only visible to the human eye during feeding time, Trump spends most of his days in the bunker just below the trailer. He prefers the isolation and security of being underground.

4. Next we have Trumpers from Moscow, Texas.

Trumpers is a finicky feline who prefers dry food. When offered wet food, he simply hisses and walks away. Trumpers clearly is not used to his meals being wet.

5. Which brings us to Trumpy McTrump Cat from Sturgis, South Dakota.

Trumpy McTrump Cat does not like being pet by anyone. In fact, he only begins purring when left alone in a room. His owners have a healthy Twitter account and are known to tweet about him into the wee hours of the morning.

Although we said this was a list of 5 cats named after our President, we would be remiss if we did not give a special mention to our beautiful FLOTUS. With that said, we bring you…

Melania, from Newport Beach, California

Melania enjoys taking up causes that lead to a positive public perception. Her owners say that her meows bear a stunning resemblance to their previous cat Michelle.

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