Indictments Expected Against Schiff in Epstein Email Case

Schiff is done.

Last week, a bombshell report from the Dunning-Kruger Times reported that Adam Schiff, impeachment Democrat, was under investigation by the FBI for his dealings with pervert Jeffrey Epstein.

In a raid on Hillary‘s private email server, it was revealed that Schiff and Epstein had sent 256 emails to each other. That isn’t just casual contact — 256 emails is more emails than most married couples send to each other in a lifetime.

These emails contained horrible content, such as vile images and information on how to perform sith rituals. Much of the content was too vile to even be mentioned here.

It seems this investigation was indeed worth it, as indictments are already expected against Schiff in the coming days. This is exactly what needs to happen to Make America Great Again!

A spokesman for the Department of Justice, Joe Barron, gave this statement at a press conference about the coming indictments:

“Well as you all know, these are serious charges involving children and sith rituals. That is why we are doing a thorough investigation into all aspects of this fictitious case. We have to take the utmost care in these types of investigations, especially in matters involving public officials.

We have indictments against multiple people in this case and they will be revealed later in the week. These are very serious charges and justice will be served. We will get to the bottom of this.”

This is great news. The best news we could get, really. We’ve had too many pervert Democrats running free for far too long. That ends under President Trump. Oh yes, it does! They need to rue the day!

These sick people are dangerous to society and are trying to do sith rituals and other horrible things.

Trump will put an end to it. This has to stop.

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