14 Democrats Arrested For Rigging Elections

14 of the 17 Democrats who won elections in California have had their victories stripped. They are now sitting in a federal jail on charges of election fraud. Democrats being removed means their Republican counterparts automatically advance to the House and Senate in January.

The 14 include one white guy, 4 Muslims, and 9 Hispanics. Most of them are women. How they defrauded the election system is unknown, except for the Hispanics. They sent their illegal friends and families in vans all across the state to vote, sometimes a dozen times or more.

That’s what happens in a state like California where you don’t even need to be registered to vote. Anyone can walk up, with an interpreter, sign a waiver that they’re an American and cast a ballot. Is it any wonder Trump was able to prove those 3 million illegals voted for Hillary Clinton?

California Governor Charles Buckley says he will certify the elections whether “Trump’s government” wants him to or not:

“California doesn’t need this. California doesn’t need any of you. We’re huge and we have beaches and money. Seriously…beat it.”

We’ll see how much California needs us when Trump cuts off their free rent and food stamps. We’ll see a bunch of starving social justice warriors is what we’ll see, and Mississippi will become the staple of family life and Christian living.


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  1. i like this one. truth hiding in plain sight. why are the blue states gone so insane? there is more to this than meets the brain..
    we really want sad sack clinton to burn at the stake.
    can you right an article on that, please?

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